Weekend Retreat Description

"Beside restful waters He leads me; He refreshes my soul."  
                                                                                                                        Psalm 23:2

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Shifting My Perspective

What is a Mosaic of Faith Weekend Retreat?

View From The Lawn at Cedar Hill Retreat Center
 A MOSAIC of Faith weekend retreat is an opportunity for Mothers OSchool-Age to Infant Children to explore their faith through motherhood.  By taking some time away from their children, moms will have a chance to rest, relax, and gain the perspective that they need to return to their kids as more inspired mothers.

The retreat will take place at Cedar Hill Retreat Center in Duxbury, MA, a beautiful coastal community 35 miles south of Boston.  The site is located on 12 acres of fields filled with wildflowers, cedars, a labyrinth for meditation, and trails leading to the 500 feet of pristine, private beach.  The retreat house itself accommodates a group of five to six moms, making it a perfect setting for an intimate retreat, with plenty of space for solitude and reflection.  (Click on the Cedar Hill Retreat Center link in the right hand margin of this page for more pictures and information about the location.)

In the midst of their time away, moms will participate in guided sessions that focus on how God is at work within them and within their role as mothers.  The sessions will be led by Claire McGarry.  There will be one session on Friday, two sessions on Saturday, and one session on Sunday.

Meditation Labyrinth at Cedar Hill Retreat Center
Some information will be provided at the start of each session, along with a set of questions for reflection.  It is mostly through time spent alone and time spent with God pondering these questions that each mom will get the answers that she seeks.  As no two people are the same, each mom can determine how best to use her reflection time: be it journaling, a nature walk, a labyrinth walk, sitting on the beach, sketching the beautiful landscape, etc.  What is most important is that each mom takes time to reflect and engage with God and her faith in her own personal way.

After reflection, each participant will return to the circle willing to share, within her comfort zone, what she has discovered about herself, and what she has discovered about her faith.  They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Likewise, “It takes a village to be the best mom you can be.”  Along with the time spent alone and with God, these sharing times will be where participants gain additional insights, and the inspiration to grow.

What else do I need to know??

In order to create an intimate space, and to allow sufficient time for sharing, enrollment is limited to 5 moms.

* It is strongly suggested that moms who sign on agree to be present for all sessions.  It is up to each individual to decide to what degree she shares, but all moms are encouraged to attend all sessions.

MOSAIC of Faith retreats are Christian based, but open to all faiths.

* No alcohol is permitted at MOSAIC of Faith retreats.