Photo Gallery

"Rising very early before dawn, He left and went off
 to a deserted place, where He prayed."
                                                                       Mark 1:35

Photos from the October 2014 Weekend Retreat:
(Back: L to R) Amy Fischer, Claire McGarry (Front: L to R) Teresa Burke, Jessica Weller

Amy presenting on Faith and Family.
Jess with her journal during reflection time.

Teresa journaling during reflection time.
Jess presenting on Faith and Fear outside.
Enjoying dinner together.
Cedar Hill's private beach.
Water view from Cedar Hill's front lawn.

Photos from the April 2014 Weekend Retreat:

(Back: L to R) Brigite Russo, Barbara Younger, Kellie Fraser (Front: L to R) Margaret Hughes, Denise Pope
Denise Pope
Barbara Younger

Margaret Hughes
Brigite Russo

A true mother's retreat!
Enjoying dinner together.
Denise at the center of the labyrinth.
Kelly reflecting at the beach.

Barbara journaling.
Kellie and Denise enjoying the beautiful day!

Margaret browsing through the resource library.
The path to the private beach.
The bridge on that path.

A roaring fire during the evening sessions.
Cedar Hill Retreat Center.

Photos from the October 2013 Weekend Retreat:

(Back L to R) Jess Weller, Teresa Burke (Front L to R) Amy Fischer, Michelle Mugford

Michelle and Teresa go for a walk.
Amy teaches Jess to knit.

"Gaps and Gifts" session outdoors on the lawn.

Jess showing off her new skill!
Amy using her free time to knit.

Amy showing pictures of her kids to Michelle and Teresa.

Michelle completing her evaluation.
Teresa journaling during "Gaps and Gifts."
Enjoying a delicious and HOT meal that they didn't have to prepare!

"Motherhood As Prayer" session by the fire.

Michelle walking the labyrinth.
A cozy fire to enjoy each evening.

The altar with our "symbols of motherhood."

Enjoying lunch, in the sunshine, on the front lawn.

Oh so many places to find peace and quiet.
Another spot to reflect and pray.

The labyrinth

- a walking prayer/meditation.

The conch shell at the center of the labyrinth - representing God.
Comfortable rocking chairs overlooking the lawn and the water.

View from the porch of Cedar Hill Retreat Center.
Five hundred feet of private beach front to walk and explore.
(Back L to R) Jess Weller, Teresa Burke (Front L to R) Amy Fischer, Michelle Mugford

Photos from the April 2013 Weekend Retreat:

Michelle, Alison and Audra on the front steps of Cedar Hill Retreat Center.
Alison taking time to relax.

Michelle enjoying breakfast in the sun room.
Audra starting her prayer labyrinth walk.

"Getting to Know You" dinner on Friday night.

"Where The Rubber Meets The Road" session on the front lawn.

Our outdoor altar.
Journaling on the beach.

A private place to pray in each bedroom.

Audra reflecting on the beach.
Lunch on the front lawn overlooking the water.

Alison taking time to play!
Alison turning it upside down!

A colorful and bountiful breakfast buffet.
Claire enjoying Helen's Heavenly Homemade Boston Cream Cake.

Spring in all its glory at Cedar Hill.

Photos from the November 2012 Weekend Retreat:

Claire setting up for an outdoor session.

"Gaps and Gifts" session on the lawn.

Cynthia reflecting on the bridge to the beach.

Lauren journaling on the front porch.
Jess taking a Labyrinth prayer walk.

"Motherhood" altar inside Cedar Hill.
Rocking chairs on the front porch.

Book lending library with take-away book review lists.

Pamper yourself with a manicure and more.

Water view from the front lawn.

Labyrinth for meditation and prayer walks.

Seashell at Labyrinth's center.

Sandy path to beach.
Bridge to beach.

Driftwood on the beach.

Peace and tranquility.

Calm and serenity.
Beautiful birds and landscapes.

Magnificent sunsets.

All pictures taken by Jessica Weller.