Evening Retreats

"Come to me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you." 
 Matthew 11:28

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Evening Retreats

For those unable to commit to a weekend retreat, or as a precursor to one, day and evening retreats are offered at St. Matthews Parish Center in Windham, NH.

As a way to shed the stress of motherhood before the session begins, moms have the option of having a 15 minute table massage with Licensed Massage Therapist Nina Gilbert.

The session will start with a technique called "Clearing The Space."  This is a short meditation that helps moms get centered.  Claire McGarry will then present a topic relevant to faith and motherhood, followed by a theme related guided meditation to further help moms find that place of inner peace and serenity.  Each mom will then move to a quiet spot in the Parish Center and be given a list of questions for reflection.  It is during this time that each mom will hopefully find the space and silence to engage with God to get the answers that she seeks.

The session will end with each mom coming back to the circle and sharing, within her comfort zone, what she has discovered during her time with God.

The retreat session is $30 per person.  
The 15 minute table massages are at an additional rate of $10 per person.  

In order to create an intimate space, and to allow sufficient time for sharing, enrollment is limited to 5 moms.



To enroll, contact Claire McGarry at clairemcgarrywrites@gmail.com.